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This includes works that cannot be slotted into any one category. The works are based on varied ideas and spur-of-the-moment expressions.

trip with my brother.png

a trip with my brother

After living our own independent lives for many years, my brother, Sean, and I went on a trip to Spain together. Just the two of us. We zigzagged through many little towns and the memory of that experience was precious. It was an opportunity that perhaps may not come again. So I painted this labyrinthine abstraction to remember.

(Framed: 53 x 72.5 x 3 cm  300gsm paper, acrylics, ink)  Sold

pop mobi.png

pop mobi

I was drifting in a mild stupor when this sea of pastel colours and abstract shapes formed and I popped it with strong dark lines as a way to deconstruct them.

(Framed: 90 x 70 x 4 cm  640gsm paper, acrylics)

Rotating Lagoons.png

rotating lagoons

This abstraction is prompted by a visit to a restaurant in a resort built over a lagoon with opulent gardens. After strolling along the extensive boardwalk over the lagoon, I got lost and it felt like many lagoons were rotating around me.

(Framed: 53 x 72.5 x 3 cm  300gsm paper, acrylics, ink)

Lichen and moss whispers.png

moss and lichen whispers

An abstract vignette of the fluid, solid and organic, inspired by the quiet enchantment deep in the bush. A perfect place to explore this thing called ‘self’.

(Framed: 53 x 72.5 x 3 cm  300gsm paper, acrylics, pastels, ink)  Sold

ice meadow 3.png

ice meadow

A bit of heat and the meadow will be no more. The human psyche can be fragile in a similar way. One forms a veneer, to shield oneself from the world. But over time, one may ask, WHO AM I? The noted social psychologist, Hugh MacKay, says in the opening of his book, The Inner Self, “….if you are unsure of the answer but have a sneaking suspicion that the way other people perceive you is not the real you, then you are precisely the person I had in mind when writing this book.” Read the book!

(Framed: 53 x 72.5 x 3 cm  300 gsm paper, acrylics, ink)

miro miro.png

miro miro

A joyful homage to Joan Miró. I was in the cool comfort of an air-conditioned hut set on high stilts in the middle of a lush forest in Pulau Langkawi, a jewel off the coast of Malaysia, when I painted this. I’m sure Miro has never been to Malaysia. But, he can rest comfortably in his grave knowing his art has inspired someone so far away in the tropics.

(Framed: 70.5 x 53 x 3 cm  300gsm paper, acrylics, ink)  Sold

cupid is here.png

cupid is here

A playful composition that celebrates the beauty of colours in a Martha Stewart-like garden in springtime.

(Framed: 87 x 67 x 3 cm  640gsm paper, colour pencil, ink)  Sold


gambol with dante

I had let my brush and paints go as they wish when I started this painting. Little did I know the outcome will be this – it resembles something from Dante (don't you think?). Were my thoughts so dark? One surely cannot tell from my calm and innocuous exterior (haha!). This goes to show it's hard to know what lies underneath the veneer!

(Framed: 70 x 90 x 4 cm  640gsm paper, acrylics, ink)  Sold

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