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coral creatures

Seductive and colourful drawings depict imaginary coral formations from under the surface of the sea. These playful works evoke the joy and unapologetic wonder of Neis' doggie friends in the natural world.

Coral creature- bonny.png


Like a mesmerizing underwater creature made up of a complex composition of textures and colours, Bonny bounded over and licked my foot when I was at the pound for forgotten dogs. Her early life must have been very difficult for when she came to me, she was already slightly broken. Her nights were made of scary dreams. In the daytime, she runs away at just a hiss from the possums. But she is lovable and precious all the same.

(Framed: 62 x 87 x 3 cm  300 gsm paper, colour pencil, ink)  Sold

coral creature - Teddy.png


Teddy was my very first BFF. Akin to a captivating marine life form, he was complex and unpredictable and life with him had never been dull. In his later life, Teddy became blind with diabetes. But this did not stop him from chasing the postie or barking at passing dogs who were 3 times as big as him. He was a little Silky Terrier but behaved like a Rottweiler.

(Framed: 62 x 87 x 3 cm  300 gsm paper, colour pencil, ink) 

coral creature - Tinky.png


Tinky’s personality is like a dazzling display of colours and patterns intermingled in a feast for the eyes. She was a playmate of Teddy and both were fiery in nature. After a playdate, Tinky often fell into a mini depression on going home and would look with doleful eyes towards the door every time someone opened it.

(Framed: 62 x 87 x 3 cm  300 gsm paper, colour pencil, ink)

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