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art of the third digit

Abstractions produced by the use of the middle finger. Bypassing the brush, Neis created these works by applying varying degrees of pressure onto the surface of the paper, resulting in strikingly simple and intimate works. Of all the digits, she finds the third finger most sensitive and able in producing the desired result. The tones are laid down layer by layer, slowly and repetitively, with sufficient downtime in between for the finger to recover and regrow the layer of skin worn away.

crypto polka.png

crypto polka

This grid of crypto polka is reminiscent of heat maps you will see if you happen to travel into space and look down to earth. As bitcoin becomes increasingly mainstream in our society, bitcoin mining is going full steam in cold and remote places. They produce a huge amount of heat forming a grid not unlike this crypto formation here.

(Framed: 79 x 69 x 4 cm  640gsm paper, pastels, ink)

swirls of the dervish.png

swirls of the dervish

An exploration of movement inspired by Sufi whirling during a visit to the Galata Museum. At the intonation of the reed pipe when the vertical silhouettes of the Sufis' gowns started their circular swirls, my spirit drifted upwards and this is what I saw.

(Framed: 79 x 69 x 4 cm  640gms paper, ink)  Sold

30 Ripened Plums.png

30 ripe plums

This is space between uniformity and individuality transcending into the organics of nature. In summer the blood plums are sweet and juicy. The colour is intense and they are a feast for both the eyes and tastebuds. As you bite into them and the juice oozes out, you know one is not enough.

(Framed: 79 x 69 x 4 cm  640gsm paper, pastels, ink)

to the moon with 77.png

to the moon with 77

I love every digit equally, but number 3 is the one I chose. Grinding the charcoal softly on the paper, layering as I go. Whirling like the Dervishes, developing a meditative prose. Resting now and then, allowing the skin to grow, I go to the moon with 77.

(Framed: 75 x 107 x 4 cm  250 gsm paper, pastels, ink)

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