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Join ArtSHINE as we celebrate this exhibition opening:
Underneath the Veneer by Neis Wai


About this Event

Underneath the Veneer is a new exhibition by the artist Neis Wai

Opening Celebration: Wednesday 5th May 2021, 6.00pm till 8.00 pm


We practice social distancing and COVID safe in our art space,
therefore we have arranged two sessions during this evening:

  • Session 1. 6pm - 7pm

  • Session 2. 7pm - 8pm



Community Bank Darling Square Art Space

11 Little Pier Street Haymarket NSW 2009
(corner Little Pier & Harbour Streets)


As tickets are limited, please book your ticket only if you are really intending to come. If for some reason you are unable to come after you have booked, we would appreciate it very much if you were to cancel your ticket via Eventbrite.

About the Exhibition

We live in a society that reveres the surface of things, but what happens when you look deeper? This is the question that drives Neis in her quest to comprehend the underpinnings of the world around us, and ourselves. The works in this exhibition show an artist who has journeyed from the sky to the ocean floor in search of answers. Equally fascinated by bird feathers and deep-sea organisms, Neis’ distinctive eye aims to dazzle us and make us wonder about who we really are.


Underneath The Veneer celebrates the vibrancy and multifaceted nature of life inside of us and how we perceive our lives in this society and on this planet, and takes us on an inspiring journey through natural history as well as art history. Inspired by biology and abstract art, Neis reminds us that Mother Nature’s delicate designs are awe-inspiring and steeped in primordial blueprints and intangible constructs.


The exhibition is divided into several categories including Deep Sea which is a series of quasi-surrealist works inspired by aquatic organisms, Coral Creatures which imagines coral reefs as abstract art to represent her doggie friends in real life, Feathered Accents which reminds us of the beauty of feathers and the images, emotions and ideas they associate with, Dark Deeds which explores repetitions and patterns, while the works in Art of the 3rd Digit have been produced by the application of Neis’s middle finger.


In all her works, the underlying theme is the diversity of thought and representation expressing the complex nature of what lies underneath the veneer.


In conjunction with the exhibition, Neis has also minted NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of select works on the blockchain, available on Rarible.

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