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feathered accents

Masterly painterly technique takes center stage in this series of works that zone in on the glorious world of feathers and the images, emotions and ideas they represent.



You were not born a statue, nor rooted like a tree.

You were born a wild one; a spirit pure and free. (by Ms Moem)

(Framed: 62.5 x 92.5 x 4 cm  pastel paper, pastels) 

smoke me a glance.png

smoke me a glance

With nothing set in stone and so much to explore.
Wander down a million paths and rattle every door. (by Ms Moem)

(Framed: 96.5 x 77 x 4 cm  250gms paper, pastels)

stroke gently.png

stroke gently

Never stop adventuring. Embrace your inner child.
Stay fearless and stay curious. Stay positive. Stay wild. (by Ms Moem)

(Framed: 96.5 x 77 x 4 cm  heavy duty board, pastels)

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